Sheikh Rasheed having dinner

Sheikh Rasheed is a very naive man and loved politician of Pakistan. People like his natural style which is very humble and desi. He does not show that he is kind of an intellect type person instead he keeps things very simple and natural there is no acting involved in it.

His natural attitude can be seen in his style of eating. A video was released on social media where he was having dinner and there was nothing like etiquettes to show he is very sober or any thing like that. It seems a man who is very simple and hungry and he is fully enjoying his meal.

Sheikh Rasheed is loved by people very much because he seems them like one of them. He has a very clean record and has no accusation of corruption against him. The only thing which people say that he is always been in the government. But this time he has proven this wrong the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group tried to make him as their partner in politics but he refused. People like Sheikh Rasheed are beloved to people because they see that he is one of them and he speaks for them in parliament. People who have been ruling Pakistan are either the land lords of Industrialists. They are not from the class to which 90% of Pakistanis belong. So they do not know the kind of problems people face in their daily life. We hope much people come from the middle class of the country so that in parliament real representation is by the people not by the alien class.