12 year old Little Girl Cries Tears of Crystal

Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, a 12 season Lebanese lady, surprised doctors on generating amazingly crying from sight. It is revealed that gems are blade distinct and come seven periods in a day without resulting in any type of damage to girl’s sight. The strange situation of Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani is yet to be categorized out.

The reviews regarding the gems are very exciting and amazing for the globe. Several reporters frequented the dad of Lebanese lady to discover out the truth behind strange crying. The dad informed the press employees that it began in Goal 1996 when Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani was at university where she cried first amazingly from her sight.

The Lebanese lady came returning to house and informed what occurred to her in university and while she was informing the tale to her mother and father another part of amazingly came out from her remaining eye. It was quite concerning for the dad of Husnah and he took her to town for healthcare check-up. In the medical center of Dr. Araji, an ophthalmologist, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani remained for two several weeks.

 During these several weeks, the 12 season old Lebanese lady created several difficult gems and remaining Dr. Araji left without words because he couldn’t able to provide any healthcare purpose for these strange amazingly crying. Dr. informed the dad that he could take it Magic of God and he shouldn’t be proven any issue unless it damages his little girl.
Share Worldwide web page released this tale in an content and stated that Saudis authorities examined the gems from girl’s sight and announced them actual. The authorities provided $50,000 to dad of Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani to keep quite on this issue but it split out in press. The Lebanese lady ceased generating amazingly crying after few several weeks as the tale began circulation.

Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani once informed to press employees that a strange White-colored Soldier frequented her in goals and informed that he was courier of God and whatever occurring to her it was will of God. The strange White-colored Soldier cautioned her to keep quite on gems other she could be injured.