How to connect a Wifi Network

Wi-Fi with password authentication problems often (not always) has a problem. All of your router / network login and password authentication and verification to fail and an error message that the use of password authentication / verification failed attempts will be shown, is wrong. Quadruple password only once checked in for good measure and it is 100% accurate in every way to ensure that.Enter the correct password and Wi-Fi cell phone where information is seen, however, the authentication failed error message is displayed.You find yourself in that situation, it is ... try itManually to your device, turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data, and then, turn on airplane mode and then try to connect to the network using WiFi, enabled airplane mode turn on. Wi-Fi is connected, then you can turn off airplane mode. You want to use your phone to receive calls or will not allow mobile data, so do not forget about airplane mode, because it is made. It seems a little strange, but it sometimes failed validation can solve this annoying error message.